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Grabbing Your 15 Minutes (of fame)

Should you consider a television appearance to boost business?

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Your organization has some big news to share, it could be an event or a new product launch. The internet has made it easier and more affordable to share information and market your business. With that being said sometimes you need to step up your game and get coverage from mainstream media.

The benefits...

1. Visibility... your company and product are introduced to a new audience.

2. Credibility... somehow a television appearance lends itself to the fact that what you are doing must be legitimate

3. Monetary...more eyes on your services and products could translate into more sales. I have had guests report an increase in customers after appearing on a morning show that I produced. They specifically noted that the new customers saw them on the show.

But before you contact the media consider your subject matter. What do you want to "show and tell"? What time frame are you working with (is this a grand opening) do you have some flexibility or is this for a specific date? Breaking news and hard news always takes precedent over other stories, so don't expect to contact a show producer and be invited on the following day. If you know you have a big event coming up start preparing now to give yourself some wiggle room and increase your chances of snagging that television appearance that could put your company or cause over the top.


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